Top Hat and Tales

Excitement (and a wee bit trepidation) is building about what we’ll find out when we visit Porty Town Hall again on Thursday with Council officers. I’ve looked out my hard hat. Last time I was in the building was Feb 2020 – pre pandemic! . 

Portobello Central Ltd (the company) will be a year old on 14th Sept 2021. We’ve been a group for a good bit longer than that (as the Feb 2020 pic shows) but it was 14th Sept 2020 when we incorporated. That means some admin points coming up. It means there is a confirmation statement due this month and the company accounts need to be filed for June 2022. Oddly enough however Portobello Central Ltd is now essentially dormant and exists in name only. It was superseded by Portobello Central SCIO as an organisation and for banking. This will all formally be laid out at the first SCIO AGM, likely June 2022, as detailed in the updated, recently published ‘Plan‘. 

I heard back from Rachael at Craigmillar Now and one of her requests in the spirit of sharing info is around finding an accountant to sign off on charity accounts. Always a fun topic. I need to think about that one and get back to her.

Meanwhile, here is a link to a truly fun topic – Portobello Book Festival announced its programme . Get 1st – 3rd October in your diaries and pick an event or two to get your free tickets for. Always a fab festival. 

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