Felt a bit flat after the long awaited visit to the Town Hall on Thursday. 

It wasn’t really any big reveal about the building and, there is no denying, it is looking disheveled through lack of use. There is lots to do, lots of potential, what should be ‘enough money’ to do the work and Morag has already posted some shots of the visit but I left feeling a bit flat, hence I dawdled a little in writing today’s blog. 

The main thing that stuck in my mind was the fact we saw a bat flying around the hall. I didn’t really want to mention that on here and was delaying for that reason too but I see comments have been made already by those attending of the bat’s existence, so the bat is out of the bag, so to speak…

Also delayed writing up Thursday because my husband and I were, as I mentioned yesterday, at Elbow at the Usher Hall. My husband thinks it is hilarious that I danced the night away, enjoyed myself lots, cheered when the lead singer went for a cheer yet confessed I didn’t recognise a single song. Philistine! Happy dancer. The tunes were good but I’m confident none had entered my consciousness before. 

It was actually the audience that fascinated me. I kept turning round and looking, feeling them. Feeling being in a room with that many people. Feeling music going through me. It is special and suggests people are coming back to gigs. We are wired for sound and light and vibrations and company or at least I am. Want to have the Town Hall reverberate to the sound of a whipped-up, happy audience. 

Jennifer’s blog #76

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