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I remember blog #40 being a sticky one. I’ve prevaricated and avoided today’s blog all day and realised it was #80. Something going on with the multiples of 40 in my head. 

Only twenty more blogs to go. 

Must try and use them carefully. It is an interesting daily discipline. Without daily effort, days slip away. It is the act of doing that is important. Those who started the original project and didn’t skip any days have completed their 100. I’m not beating myself up about the missed days. Sometimes rules need bent. I will complete it. We’ll have 100 blogs tracking our early days. But I was having a hump blog day. 

Then Lynn in the Porty Central group shared this lovely video from Bridgend, who way before we tried to do what we are doing, did what we are trying to do. Of course there are differences in the details, but sit back and enjoy the telling of the tale .

I find myself wondering, when 11 years of history is told in 6 minutes, about the daily battles and triumphs. How did things get done? What was each day like? Yet it kind of doesn’t matter, cause the years have passed and the result has been achieved. Certainly an inspiring video. 

The team had a good Monday meeting last and matters progressed. Our Treasurer, Stewart will give his 1st official report next Monday. 

Jennifer’s blog #80

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