Routes and Roots

Spent the early morning walking round Porty with a PhD student who had been introduced to me by Lynn of our group. Her blog about her study project is here .

I didn’t take her to the Town Hall or Bellfield, although both came up in our hour long conversation. Instead I got her down to Porty for 8am to walk the route my kids take to school, the bridge over the Harry Lauder Road and up to the new school. It always strikes me as quite a threatening space, yet the kids walk it each day and it is a key link route between Portobello, Magdalene, Craigmillar and Niddrie but it’s not a very friendly link route. We still managed to take some time to smell the flowers. Turns out she is Brazilian and knew the town, Franca, which I lived in when I lived in Brazil back last century. Small world (cause it’s a very small town, of over 300,000 people)!

The theme of 20 minute neighbourhoods came up and that reminded me I should follow up with the council on that subject that was getting us all excited a few months back. Where did all that noise go?

Jennifer’s blog #81

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