Three Long Hard Journeys


Twas a Bearsden day today. Got mum doing her physio several times today. That is the only route to her recovery. Long hard journey ahead but will be worth it! 

Didn’t really do much Porty Central business today but late tonight an email came in to say we had not been successful with the Regeneration Fund Grant application. That is a shame but we learned from doing the application. We have a lot of learning to do in the next few months and years – a long hard journey ahead but will be worth it!

Went to my pilates class this evening. Was lovely but it has been a long, hard, weekly journey to get some muscle tone back and to discover my ‘core’ from a position of real pain about 4 years ago when my back went. That has been so worth it! 

Only other point to raise is we added an additional info pack to the job advert – because you’re worth it! Tell us what you could bring to the role? 

Jennifer’s blog #82

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