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Granton Gas Holder

Thursday started off slow, in a nice way, with nothing on in the morning till my usual work shift at 11am. Sun was shining and it was a lovely day. I delivered a birthday present to a friend’s son who somehow has turned 16. I saw him when he was just newly born. Then to work and back for my son to have some pals round in the garden after school. I had an Action Porty meeting that night but before that I walked round to Geoff, with a letter from Companies House, so he could get the returns paperwork done for Portobello Central Ltd (not the SCIO) started. Work on the agenda for Monday’s meeting has begun but I’m going to miss it because husband and I are going to see Nick Cave at the Playhouse. Exciting. 

One of the group from the Future Value project I’ve previously mentioned shared a link to Hidden Door Festival taking place at Granton Gas Works this weekend. Looks fab and seems like there are free bits of the festival and ticketed bits in the evening. Have a look at the link and see if there is anything you fancy

Nearly the closing date for the Portobello Central freelance post. Another step forwards.

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