Saturday as planned was a cycle into town for a work shift, a pop into Porty library for tickets to a Portobello Book Festival event next weekend, a walk with someone wanting to discuss film and film festivals at the Town Hall and a chat with one of the gardening group who use the space behind Portobello Town Hall to garden. I also fed a friend’s cat as they are away for the weekend and in the evening cycled up with the kids to feed the three young hedgehogs who have taken up residence in an old kennel – more of them below. Husband headed off early to Pitlochry for the Caledonian Etape, so I’ll hear how he gets on tomorrow.

The chat about film making, film festivals and local cinema was a good one, probably a speculative one and was the result of emails and chats back and forth over the last year to 18 months. Still nothing conclusive to say to each other but I always love a walk and talk to find out more about what someone is thinking and doing and to share a more informal update on Porty Central business. We know from the 300 conversations in 30 days that cinema is a popular use suggested for the Town Hall but we’re not completely sure how it would work or if it is viable. There are a few folks who are thinking about this. One day back in summer 2020 when leafleting outside the Town Hall I got talking to a lady involved in running Gifford Film Club   and I’ve kept an eye on them with interest. Turns out the Wash House already have screen and sound and so it turns out, I rediscovered on this walk/talk, should Bellfield have a big screen. I’m hoping local cinema and film events might be a topic for a Heart Talk Porty conversation if there were people interested in this topic? Or do you have another theme you’d like to discuss to see what might happen? Have a look at the Orientation event on the Bellfield Facebook page to know more   

So back to the hedgehogs. We have been looking after three hoglets. They get a can of dog food a night. They live in a friend’s old dog kennel. They were found by her grandchildren and after several days surveillance no mother was seen and sadly has not been seen since but all three are thriving. They sleep in the day and come out when it is dark. This photo was taken one evening. As far as I am aware no hedgehogs are in the Town Hall gardens but I would not be surprised to find they were in there too, munching away on snails and slugs. Quite surprised it took me to blog #85 to mention vegetable plot news. I’ll spare you photos of trombocino squashes and courgettes!


Jennifer’s blog #85

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  1. Imagine how cool a Portobello Film Festival would be, with multiple venues all showing different screenings across a weekend!

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