Forgotten Holiday

First, a public service warning for those who were not aware – Monday is a school holiday. It’s been the September weekend. I only found out when my boy told me he was spending the afternoon at his pal’s. Confusion reigned but all okay in the end. 

Husband did the 85 miles of the Caledonian Etape in a PB of 4 hours 35 mins. He’s tired and happy. Well done! 

And so to Porty Town Hall business….. how the applications are to be sifted has been a focus of the group’s attention with evaluation grids being finalised. I got the PayPal info over to the Treasurer. The agenda for Monday night’s meeting is firming up but I’ll miss it as my husband and I are going to see Nick Cave and Warren Ellis at the Playhouse . I’ll catch up next week! 

Jennifer’s Blog #86

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