2 ½d

Woke at my parents in Bearsden with my niece and her mum in the house too. So nice to have them visit. Instead of the usual household tasks on a typical Wednesday through there, I got to show them around a bit locally and we had a lovely lunch all together. Upset my father’s routine with a big meal at lunchtime but even he enjoyed the company and change of scene. Had to be back in Porty for 5pm so my boy and his pals could get to rugby practice. 

My only real Porty Central action was writing yesterday’s blog 1st thing upon waking. I also threw my tuppence ha’penny worth into a basecamp conversation about VAT with regard to Portobello Central SCIO. We are not currently VAT registered and don’t need to be but the group were thinking through the implications of this for us now, and at future points. 

This blog is being written in the car before a work appointment at 11am – the pips just went on the radio. Better go to work. Tomorrow, or this evening, will bring another daily reflection. Only 11 more to go. Sunday October 3rd looking like my last day if all goes to schedule. I’ll miss them – but I’ll get back to my Blipfoto, which has suffered during this project. A good discipline and overall a good exercise from my point of view.

How has it been for you?

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