A Volley of Volunteers

Thursday started with a failed attempt at a swim for myself and Jayne to get me caught up on Monday night’s meeting which I missed due to Nick Cave. Via text we agreed about 6am that it was way too stormy to be any fun so we settled on a walk at 9am on the Prom instead. Bumped into Lynn, indeed then bumped into Damian, so nearly a full face to face Porty Central meeting but mainly a bracing catch up with a bit of Porty Central info in the mix. 

Rest of Thursday was work and hosting my guests – a drive around Edinburgh, dinner together, a cycle to feed the hedgehogs and, of course a bonfire on the beach with marshmallows. 

I did however download the template for evaluating the applications over the weekend. My guests go Friday afternoon so I’ll get on to Porty Central and indeed Action Porty matters on Friday night and over the weekend. Those Porty Central folks not looking at applications are looking at the website structure and considering what info needs added or updated. 

When down on the beach for the bonfire last night I saw that there is a small stadium seating and tents set up around the volleyball nets. Did some investigating and look what is happening in Porty this Friday – Sunday. 

Be sure to get down and catch some top class athletes doing their thing.

Jennifer’s blog #90

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