Okay! Okay! I should never have mentioned Christmas in the last blog – knocked me of my stride. 

Nor should I have mentioned on Porty Central Basecamp that I’d hit blog #91. The team started congratulating me and that knocked me off my stride. 

Lastly the only real Porty Central business taking place over the weekend was related to the Development Manager contract and that is exciting and important, but it is fairly confidential and dealing with people’s personal data. While that didn’t knock me off my stride, it made me cautious about what I was writing here. 

Upshot is, I’ve missed two days and am now rolling in Saturday, Sunday and Monday into the one blog – #92. 

Only way to get back in the saddle, is to get back in the saddle and if you’ve fallen off the 100 days blogging wagon, the only way back on, is to get back on the 100 days blogging wagon. So, here I am. Ride ’em cowboy! 

Apparently a wee wobble near the end is not uncommon as Dani at Tribe describes in her blog about her various 100 day projects. 

She got me into this and has had some spectacular projects over the years. 

The usual Porty Central Monday night working group meeting happened and happened well but reason for getting back in the blogging saddle, came from a call that took place an hour before the meeting. It picked up a chat from a few months back, gave me the wee ‘this is the way to go’ buzz in my stomach and got me back in my blogging stride. I wanted to tell the group all about this conversation, but we overran so I’ll just have to write it up tomorrow. I need to tell them first but hope to report here. Watch this space!

To wrap it up today, what you doing this weekend? I’ve got a tickets to a Porty book festival event on Sunday morning and I’m planning to drop in to the Support the Makers fair at Bellfield. 

After grumbling about the C word, I might try and get a head start on presents! See you there? 

Jennifer’s blog #92

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  1. You have me totally intrigued. Can’t wait to hear your news.
    Writing a blog for so long can put pressure on you but it also exercises the mind to think about thing that have happened or are happening and can be like thinking out loud. Very beneficial to the mind. Highlight of my day reading your blogs.
    Morag x

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