Busy, Busy

Slack on my part – bunching two days together again – Tuesday and today, Wednesday. The important thing is to write and to get to 100, right?

So Tuesday I drop my dear husband at the airport early doors and he’s away till Thursday evening. We’re back to me acknowledging all the stuff he does round the house and with/for the family that lets me get on with stuff like blogs. Thanks Mr E. Making evening meals and packed lunches and feeding hedgehogs nightly doesn’t half take up time! Other than reading the Basecamp emails I made no contribution to Porty Central on Tuesday. 

Today, Wednesday has been a Bearsden day and I’m happy to report Mum has been doing stairs and so has been able to leave the house! She got out to the dentist yesterday and hairdresser today. Progress! I’ve not even yet told the Porty Central team about my exciting call on Monday night but am going to write it up as soon as I send off this blog #93 to Geoff.

I will have something to write about tomorrow as some of the group (me included) are meeting with our architects and consultant on Thursday morning. Additionally, while not directly Porty Central business, on a related topic some of the Action Porty team have managed to book time with the Council team on 20 minute neighbourhoods. None of the Action Porty people (myself included) made the Council’s first meeting called in July but we requested a rerun and it takes place tomorrow. Porty Central hadn’t heard anything back since that meeting so I’ll be looking for an update from the council for both organisations. 

Jennifer’s blog #93

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