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Really good to meet with the architects and consultant on Thursday morning. They are forcing us to identify what we want as designs. They are finishing a project viability report funded by Architectural Heritage Fund. This will likely form a document for public discussion and will balance costs of options against income that can be achieved. It will be timely to have this document for the Development Manager contract starting. 

None of the options is cheap. None of them will happen with the £350K of funding secured and being allocated to works currently in hand. These are big money projects requiring huge fund-raising efforts and bringing radical improvements and new possibilities. Any of the work done with that £350K funding should be done with a eye on the future intentions, the big dreams. 10 year dreams. 25 year dreams. 

I really look forward to having that report and going public with it to get your views and thoughts.

The 20 minute meeting between Action Porty and various Council staff I also mentioned yesterday was taking place today wasn’t the meeting I was expecting. Pretty sure it wasn’t a re-run of the meeting in July that I missed. It was a good meeting. The council attendees were good folks. I’m going to have to mull that one over before I work out what I think about that. 

Interviews for the Development Manager are booked and taking place next week. 

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