Just 12 Little Words

W S Gilbert “The Bab Ballads”

Today I’m going all literary. 

Our very own Lynn and Morag are published in the Portobello Pandemic book created as part of this year’s Portobello Book Festival. Well done them! There was what looked like a glorious, exclusive, star studded launch event on Friday night . Free copies of the book can be picked up at the library

Then I’m going to amplify Ian Pryde of Portobello Library’s poetry post on our Facebook page on Friday 

The origin library post says:

To help us celebrate #NationalPoetryDay on October 7th 2021, we’d like to create a Community Poem all about #Portobello and we need your help to write it!

In a few words, tell us what Portobello means to you. Post your response in the box in the library and we’ll bring them all together to build our poem.

Here are some prompts for inspiration…

  • What sounds remind you of Portobello?
  • What is your favourite place in Porty?
  • How would you describe Portobello to someone who has never visited?
  • Do you have a favourite Porty memory?
  • What does Portobello’s Community mean to you?

So go on, drop your words in to them in the next few days.

#Poetry #CreativeWriting

But actually the post Ian shared to our page asks for a poem about Portobello Town Hall, so……

Having been one of the thousand who contributed a line to potentially be used in the new Scottish Makar, Kathleen Jamie’s poem about nature for COP26, I’m inspired to try and make a poem for Porty Town Hall. 

In the style of the Makar’s project, will readers of this blog consider sending me a line of reflection about things remembered about Porty Town Hall or things imagined about Porty Town Hall? 

Can we say send a line of up to 12 words?

Make the line start with the sense words; ‘See/Smell/Touch/Hear or Taste or with ‘Let’s’? 

Say, send the lines to hello@portobellocentral.org by 14th October and I’ll try and incorporate them into a poem for Porty Town Hall for end of October. I’m on blog #95 of 100 so I’m going to need something new to occupy my brain. 

I don’t claim I’ll do this myself but I’ll find some helpers to work the contributions into an acceptable poem. 

Don’t leave me high and dry. Send me just 12 little words. Let’s see what we can do together! 

Jennifer’s blog #95

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  1. See quality entertainment at Porty Town Hall. Scottish Opera doing great music with minimal props.

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