Hand In Your Lines

Ian McMillan

Following on from yesterday’s artistic/poetic theme, I’m going to kick off today by sharing this beautiful collaboration produced by Porty’s own Oi Musica .

They’ve produced another stunning project as a creative response to COP26. Enjoy it here: 

Don’t forget my plea yesterday that people send me a line for a poem for Porty Town Hall. To recap: 

Send a line of up to 12 words?

Make the line start with the sense words; ‘See/Smell/Touch/Hear/Taste or with ‘Let’s’

Send the lines to hello@portobellocentral.org by 14th October and I’ll try and incorporate them into a poem for Porty Town Hall for end of October. 

As inspiration I’m sharing this poem, written a few years back for Academy of Urbanism awards when Portobello won something like best neighbourhood. Thanks Jon Davey for being such a good record keeper and having this to hand when asked for it:

Portobello, Edinburgh by Ian McMillan

Take a trip across this poem like you might

Wander through Portobello, from dawn’s glow

To the welcoming illumination of midnight,

And there are no straight lines through Portobello

Just detours and byways you have yet to find

By the water, by the market, by the Turkish Baths

Where you soak your body and rest your mind

Walk along this poem, do the Portobello maths

Where beach plus sea plus drink plus food

Plus ideas plus forward thinking adds up to something

That’s deeper than a feeling, broader than a mood,

About the idea that community can bring

Answers to questions you never knew you’d posed

Portobello is an unlocked mind that’s never ever closed.

Jennifer’s blog #96

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  1. Oi Musica are going from strength to strength. Mind you I was expecting drums and trumpets.
    The last boy had such a deep rich voice. Loved it.

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