The interviews for the Development Manager contract are all now completed. That is exciting. All candidates were good so now the review and decision time is coming. Hope to have an announcement next week – after blog #100. Something to look forward to when my witterings stop. 

Counting down today, 3, 2, 1 till no more blogs. What will I do with myself I hear you ask? As well as trying to write a poem for the Town Hall (send me those 12 little words please), I think I’m going to make an effort to relearn to kneel and do 100 days of kneeling. My knees are shot. I’ve not been able to kneel for over fifteen years. My osteopath showed me I can kneel with cushions to support me. I’ve been doing it three days in a row now and it feels good. It would be so good to do a child’s pose again without pain. Reckon, after these 100 days, I’m going to try 100 days of kneeling and see where that gets me. Talking of loose ends and new projects, must get an update from Geoff on his Harry Styles/Tom Daley cardy before the blogs finish. Hold that thought!  

Even if soon I’m not blogging be about it there will be plenty Porty Central tasks and business to be getting on with. I do like to try and know I’ve progressed some Porty Central business each day and the blog is a good measure of that. I still have to distil the feedback from the team, given on Monday night, about the design choices for the Project Viability report before 7th Oct. 

Heading to Bearsden again tonight to see my parents for my usual Wedensday. Will write up the day tomorrow. Thanks people for sticking with me for the journey. 

Jennifer’s blog #98

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