Recipe For Re-Energising

Okay, I’ve been stretching this out a bit. Today’s blog #99 covers not just two but four days.

I might be milking it, drawing this out to avoid the finality of 100. If that is your accusation, I admit possibly guilty as charged.

In my defence, not a lot that could be discussed on the blog has happened on Wed, Thurs, Fri or Sat. i.e. not until now. Much of my Porty Central time in those last few days has been dedicated to making a reality of the idea I’m about to share . 

Those following the blog regularly might recall in #92 I was all re-energised and I’d had a good conversation and promised to tell all the next day.

Well, it took a bit longer to work out that buzzy conversation into action but today Jo Turbitt (of @lighthousekeeperslunch on Instagram fame) and I, despite pouring rain, took a plan for a Portobello Recipe Book and Porty Food Map as a fund-raiser for the Town Hall round the food venues of Portobello High St.

Since blog #92, we’d hatched a plan, written a letter, got sign off from the group and today (Saturday) took it out to the foodie Porty Traders. It was generally well received and we hope will become a beautiful, desirable item that you will all want in your kitchens or on your coffee tables or in your Christmas stockings. If you are a foodie trader and didn’t get a visit, Porty High St is so full of food venues that 2 hours pounding the street and doors is not enough to get round them all. We’ll be back. 

Here is the idea we set free today:   

Gut reaction is this project has legs. If you have any great ideas to add to it, please get in touch.

I started this blogging business on 1st June 2021. It should have ended mid Sept but with holidays and the odd few skipped days, it winds up with the next one I write, taking it to mid-Oct. Might skip Sunday and wait for the Porty Central group meeting on Monday night before I close…..I need to get that update on Geoff’s cardigan and of course I’m still looking for more lines of reflection on Porty Town Hall – memories or imagined futures, based around senses, in 12 words to be sent to for me to try and craft a poem. I see Ian Pryde was chasing up reflections on Portobello itself. I submitted mine. C’mon Porty people. We can do this.   

Just to leave you with one suggested outing this weekend. Portobello local Barbara Jones Barbara Jones Mezzo | Facebook will be singing (free concert but you need to book a ticket) at St Giles on Sunday night at 6pm Bizet to Broadway – Barbara Jones (Mezzo) and Ingrid Sawers (Piano) | Facebook. I don’t think I’ll make it this time but she will blow you away with the beauty of what she does. Go on – treat yourself to a wee slice of heaven but be prompt. It starts sharp at 6pm and finishes 45 mins later. 

Jennifer’s blog #99

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  1. Jennifer. I am so proud of you and this achievement. I am gripped every day looking for your latest blog. I am so sad that it is ending. Could you not go for 200?
    Your partnership with Geoff is amazing. Together you make a great team 👏 👏 👏

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