#100 is here!

We have contracted our Development Manager! I’m not naming names yet, as details need finalised but they have accepted and should be in post by end October. I’m so pleased to close this series with that good news. It was an early blog that announced the securing of the National Lottery funding to secure that contract. 

Other than that good news, Porty Central are expecting a final draft of our Project Viability report in the next few weeks. We’ve got a strategy workshop planned and work with the Council is progressing well. I think we are in a good place and I’m quite content to think I’ve done this 100 day project and I can take a rest from this task. 

I’ve enjoyed it. I hope you have. I think on balance it was a worthwhile exercise. At times it got vague and bland and of course there is much more going on most days that cannot be written about but trying to find a topic and theme to share has been a joy and rarely too difficult. It has helped distill my Porty Central thoughts and focused my mind (more or less) daily. I’ve enjoyed bringing you updates of events and what is going on. Maybe you took me up on some of them?

Ahead, I see a wave of activities that are going to keep me busy – the Porty Food Map and Recipe Book, the soon to be launch Heart Talk Porty events, an Absent Friends event, a Window Wanderland, maybe some late night shopping and I’ve recently had a nod there is to be an 8metre cut Christmas Tree from the Council for Portobello – just outside Porty Town Hall! – so something will need done around that. That little bunch is going to keep me in plenty trouble. 

Then there is the Town Hall poem, my knee stretches (had to lay off them for a few days as I over did it and it was a bit painful but rest seems to have worked). And to close, I feel it is only fair if I ask Geoff for an update on his cardigan….this was mentioned back in blog #57 and I think the people need a progress report. Geoff, give us a photie!

I’m off for a lie down in a darkened room.

Over and out! For now. 

Jennifer’s blog #100

2 Replies to “#100 is here!”

  1. Well done that girl. I am suitably impressed. Enjoy your short break in a dark room. Playing Sardines is always fun invite your husband. Love

  2. You are a star Jen. You deserve a rest. Let’s not forget Geoff and his at times very humerus intros. Did you see what I did there? 😂
    Miss Morag x

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