The earth moved

If you were out and about on Saturday morning you might have seen or been involved in the buzz around Porty Town Hall.  The Hall, heading for community management, is waiting for some essential repairs before the doors can be re-opened.  That doesn’t mean that nothing’s happening.  Ideas are forming, projects are being developed, connections are being refreshed and there’s some sprucing up going on.

More on all of that soon, but what was Saturday’s buzz about?  Over the last few weeks you might have noticed the beautiful red heart adorning the front gates, or the tidy up in partnership with Keep Porty Tidy.  Soon you’ll see the spring bulbs start to bloom in the planters which are now placed in front of the windows.  Brought out from behind the railings, the planters have been refreshed and filled with hundreds of daffodils, tulips and crocuses.  When the warmer days arrive they’ll add a splash of colour.  We aim to keep that changing through the seasons and add more planters as the repair work ends.

This planting gave us the opportunity to chat to people as they passed by and invite others including Hazel from Porty Community Fridge Porty Community Energy and others to talk about projects discussed at Heart Talk Porty and see where the Town Hall could play its part alongside other venues.

Hazel and her team had a wee table offering free food that’s collected from shops and supermarkets.  Porty Community Energy are looking at the potential to locate their e-cargo bike trial in Town Hall Grounds.  We’re thinking about what more we can do in and around the Town Hall to support loads of brilliant community activity.

Table Manners

You might have also seen a fair bit of photography on the High Street and the Prom.  What’s that all about?  Why so much interest in the food shops?  That’s our next exciting project and will be launched soon.  If you listen to the Porty Podcast on 29 January all will be revealed.  We’re very excited.

Meantime, if you have ideas or would like to get involved please drop us a line to

Sally Dyson, Trustee, Portobello Central SCIO

All photographs by Jon Davey Photography

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