Make it Yours

With the contract to repair awarded, we can leave the building in safe hands for a couple of months and return to our community roots. 

The Portobello Central charity has a Board of Trustees which answers to Members – a bit like a Board of Directors in a company reporting to shareholders.  We have a small group of Members which has filled the formal role but now we need to increase the number of Members so we can prove that our plans and actions meet the community’s wishes.

We’ve met the first requirements: the Council wishes the building to be managed by the community and we have agreed to take that on.  In partnership with the Council substantial funding has been secured for basic repairs.

Now we need you to become a Member.  It’s easy,  it’s free and it makes you feel good, (you do as much or little as you like).  Being part of this vital project is the best bit. 

Just apply here – the only criterion is that you have to be 16 or older.

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  1. Born in Porty 1967,my 89 year old mum still in Windsor Place. I live in East Lothian but my heart is in Porty.

  2. So pleased that this is happening! Born and brought up in Portobello , I have seen many activities in the Town Hall including 2 burns suppers which I chaired with the Portobello Burns club . Even Sir Harry Lauder did the immortal memory in the Town hall. ( no, I was not there. Lol)
    So glad to feel a part of this venture .

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