Gradually we are exploring the site now that the builders and others are done. The legal documents are approaching final versions, people are applying to work with us, enquiries to book roll in – it is an odd feeling. It has all been possible because people continue to tell us they want it to happen – and to happen as a community-run business.

The keys are on their way and to ease our nerves, we’ve been hacking the horror forest that was the east garden, we’ve splashed red pelargoniums on the front and gradually made it less like a fortress and more like a fun palace. People now sit with their dogs on the bench donated by Rotary in 2001 – the gates are open.

Provost Brand has gone down the steps into the care of the City Art Gallery and, very shortly, an army of Mr and Mrs Mopps will stride into the interior, unseen by most since July 2019.

You will be able to help; you will have to; you are the community!