Volunteers Getting Us Open

The lease was agreed, the keys were handed over, a shout of ‘HELP’ for ‘The Big Clean’ was made and a massive response came back.  With over 60 folk who love cleaning, gardening, Porty Town Hall or a mixture of all three have registered to get involved and already started rolling up their sleeves.

Jon, usually seen photographing Portobello, swapped the lens for the database and spreadsheets to devise a schedule that will get the Town Hall spick and span before our first events at the end of the month.  That schedule has been developed around all those folk so that they can come and help when it suits them and it’s proving a brilliant success. 

So far cupboards and understage areas have been cleared of all types of goodies.  From stocks of forty year old lightbulbs, through to crash mats, a sofa, well half a sofa and so, so much more.  Some of the items have been rescued to be refurbished, much will need to be disposed of.  The lighter evenings are timely,  full of later evening light, and proving invaluable for encouraging people out. Tuesday evening saw around fifteen people sweeping, dusting, clearing plaster dust, sorting, weeding and hoeing.  There was even a short visit by dancers from Lothian Dance Academy who were the last performers in the Town Hall. 

Don’t fear, if you’ve not yet joined in and would like to there’s still time for you to get involved.  If cleaning and gardening isn’t for you, but the Town Hall is, we suspect we can find an opportunity for most people.  Just fill out this simple form   and we’ll be in touch. 

It makes you smile!

Sally Dyson

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