Consulting the Community

One of the key features of the work of Portobello Central has been the major consultation in mid-summer of 2020, reported in our proposal.

In December tit was announced that a second proposal had been made, by Peter Schaufuss.

In January, following a distinguished record in consultation, Portobello Community Council (PCC) accepted a suggestion from the City of Edinburgh Council that it should conduct a consultation seeking views on the two proposals.

The first step was a meeting of the Community Council on 25 January, at which it was expected that the two proposers would present their ideas and take question. Portobello Central was represented by Jen Elliot and Jayne Saywell and there was a lively discussion.

Mr Schaufuss was not represented and, with regard to fairness, PCC members outlined his proposal.

PCC then decided to invite the public to submit questions, which would be passed to the proposers for reply, by 14 February. In due course, 24 questions were addressed to Portobello Central and a further 9 to both parties. It is not known if more questions were put to Mr Schaufuss alone.

The 33 questions, in total, put to Portobello Central and the responses are set out in a document on which further comment is welcomed before final submission to PCC.

The document is here.