The Annual General Meeting

Portobello Central SCIO is a charity registered with the Office of the Scottish Charities Regulator (OSCR). We operate under a Constitution approved by OSCR, like many charities.

We are required to hold an annual general meeting but our first can be up to 15 months after formation of the SCIO – and we plan to hold this on 12 September 2022. It is a meeting of the Members of the SCIO, currently more than 200 people, but non-Members are welcome too, although they would not be able to vote.

The Constitution sets out what must happen at the AGM (but it need not be limited to those issues. It says:

34 The business of each AGM must include:-

34.1 a report by the chair on the activities of the organisation;

In 2022, the report will be on the basis that the Town Hall is not expected to open much before the end of 2022. An outline of the plans for the first year of operation is likely to be presented and discussed with Members. This will be an opportunity for Members to shape the work of the SCIO in the coming year.

34.2 consideration of the annual accounts of the organisation;

The accounts will show the various sources of income and how they have been deployed towards the opening for business,

34.3 the election/re-election of charity trustees,

The terms of office of the current Trustees automatically end but they can be re-appointed. New Trustees can be elected from the Members. The total number of trustees cannot exceed 15. The Constitution has provisions about the voting process, including proxy votes.

85 The charity trustees must elect (from among themselves) a chair, a
treasurer and a secretary.

Further details of the AGM will be announced closer to the time of meeting.