Three Hundred Conversations

We are talking to people, on Zoom, on Facebook, on email, and Twitter. We aim to have 300 conversations in 30 days.

4 July

Early on Max talked to people on the street – but now we have to approach things a different way.

We want to talk about how you used to see the Town Hall, what you see for its future, how it should be managed and what you might be able to do to help that to happen. We have various ways of talking:

  • online Zoom conversations are a chance to meet people, spark ideas and have a natter. 
  • the on-line survey is to gather your thoughts at a time that suits you. 

Feel free to use one, the other or both. You can also post on Facebook.

Zoom Rooms

We have set up these Zoom meetings for talking to small groups – you can book into them on Eventbrite . Come along yourself or book in a friend too.

The dates still to come are:

Wednesday8 July11.00-11.30
Thursday9 July19.00-19.30
Friday10 July14.00-14.30
Zoom dates

On-Line Survey

The survey can be found here to capture your feedback. In case you prefer to see what you’re going to be asked, the basic survey questions are:

  • Postcode (first part only)?
  • Have you used the Town Hall – what did you do there?
  • What should be done with it – community, business, mothball?
  • What would you like to happen there?
  • Would it be better for the community to manage it?
  • What have we missed?

The results are coming in – look at the Wordle below. It summarises the key words you mentioned – the bigger the letters, the more people mentioned it. If your word isn’t here, it is time to complete the survey or join a Zoom. This is how you get your voice heard.

26 June

Take a Flyer?

Our flyer is being distributed in the area for those who do not use social media. It has three questions on the back and can be returned by post. If you want to request flyers for someone you know please email

The Flyer


We will report here the outcomes of these discussions.