What Can I Do?

We are waiting to see what the Council makes of our proposal. If they like it at all, there will be discussions, changes, negotiations and that may take several months. So, first request, be patient!

But if the place is to re-open we will need a work force to prepare teh building, build a programme of events, find users. So if you can help, in any way, be it skills or time, ideas or inspiration let us know.

People do ask about money: this will be needed, firstly to make put building back in a safe and comfortable state but also for the many, many things that need to be done. If we raise funds and they cannot be used for the Town Hall, we will ensure they go to community ventures.

Talk to us:

Email: portytownhall@gmail.com


Twitter: @Porty_Central


Our new bank account is almost ready. Meantime, we have a PayPal account:

Portobello Central PayPal

The witch flew low over the Town Hall at Hallowe’en