Who Are We?

Jon Davey

Former IT systems developer, now operating a local photography business.  Local resident, familiar with the locality, in particular the local cultural landscape. Served for three years as a director of Art Walk Projects CIC and remains on the Art Walk committee.

Susan currie

I am a local resident who is keen to see the Town Hall open again and people using it for individual events and activities. I have experience working in education and administration and am looking to use this and my interest in working with others to support the charity in its aims

Wendy Davies

to come

Sally Dyson

Portobello resident, community development worker with charities, funders and governments for 30 years.  Happiest hanging out with friends, a book and sand between my toes – Porty’s perfect!  

Jennifer Elliot

Salesperson in the IT industry for 20 years, now a carer for the elderly., Treasurer of Action Porty since the early days of that project – the 1st urban community right to buy.  The learnings and positive experiences from that project led to Jennifer being a founder member of the Portobello Central organisation.

Damian Harney

Experienced IT professional with almost 20 years in various sectors such as telecoms, finance and public sector.  Main area of expertise is change management.

Dave Nichol

To come

 Morag Phillips

Owner/Principal of Lothian Dance Academy for 32 years.  Former professional dancer involved in dance & dance education 45 years.  Experienced events and shows organiser.  Registered teacher Royal Academy of Dance.  Experience in advertising networking & social media.  Active in local community.,           

Geoff Pearson

Retired Scottish Government civil servant, experienced in legislation, third sector, NDPB structural issues, government finance and policy development.  Previous experience includes board of Venture Scotland; Chair of Streetwork UK; secretary of a local community council; member of the community planning partnership structure.

Stewart Reid

When I retired, a little over 5 years ago, I knew I wanted to do some voluntary work. I also knew that, after 30-odd years as an accountant in financial services, I did not want to be a charity’s money person. And up until now that’s exactly what’s happened. I’ve volunteered for Edinburgh Art Festival, The Listening Service (at Edinburgh Sheriff Court), a foodbank and the Covid and flu vaccination programmes. All very rewarding and the kind of change I was looking for.